"It has, in many ways, saved my life"

"I lost 88 lbs in 7 months and have stayed within 5 lbs of my goal (above and below) since then.    My medical condition has improved radically across the board, and I feel great with plenty of energy all the time.  For example, I can now run a 10K in under an hour (as of a few days ago) whereas I could not run at all when I started.

I could NOT have done this without the expert medical supervision and guidance of Anita Demas, MD, and her highly professional support team, along with clinical psychologist and behavioral modification coaching from Bill Hartman, PhD - everything they do is done to the highest standards; and this includes the quality of their private label meal replacement products, as well as their coordination / communications back and forth with my primary care physician.

This approach is by far the safest, fastest, and most effective weight management approach I am aware of  -  I recommend it without reservation for anyone truly committed to and motivated about losing a serious amount of weight."

Years of long hours at desk jobs, raising kids and eating the wrong food conspired to cause my wife and me becoming overweight. You gain maybe two or three pounds a year, look up 30 years later, and it's a problem. We had tried to lose weight numerous times over the years. We'd lose maybe 10 pounds over a few months (not bad, but not nearly enough) then get busy with work and gain 5 back.  Then, this March my wife heard about MD Weight Management from a client of hers, for whom it had worked very well. We signed up the next day. In less than six months, she lost 50 pounds and I lost 70. This program is not some "miracle cure" where you take a pill, get hypnotized, eat only radishes and vinegar, get your mouth wired shut, have surgery or lasers or anything like that.  You eat a low calorie diet of medically engineered food and increase your exercise. It takes will power but if you stick with the program, it will work.  We are in the weight maintenance phase now and are keeping the weight off.  That is critical. We all know someone who went on a diet, lost 20 or 30 pounds, but gained it all back…
Unless you've been there I don't know if anyone can quite appreciate the despair that someone with an out-of-control weight problem lives with. Say at dinner, a friend might be telling a story and they want to describe someone disgusting, and they'll say, "You know, a really fat guy," and everyone laughs and thinks that that is a complete character description, a shorthand for a terrible person. A decade or two of that is debilitating, not to mention one's own self-disregard. I owe two decades of relief from such oppression to Bill Hartman and the clinic; I owe them my happiness, and my health, and much of the good fortune I've had using the skills I've learned. It ain't perfect, it ain't foolproof and it ain't easy, but it's in many ways, saved my life.
I give very high marks to MD Weight Management Program at CPMC in San Francisco.  Having previously gone through a similar medical weight loss program at Kaiser Permanente, I can say without hesitation that I found the MD Weight Management Program significantly better in virtually all respects.  The MD Weight Management Program was one of the first of its kind in the Bay Area, and has developed a thoughtful, flexible, practical and science-based approach that encourages the individual patient to lose weight and maintain weight loss.  The approach is not one-size-fits-all but tailored to the individual.  The program begins with a VLCD meal replacement “fast” (800 calories a day) and transitions to a maintenance program after the target weight is attained.  Group sessions are provided, and the meal replacement product is excellent.  The program’s doctors and staff are well-versed in the current literature on weight loss and weight loss maintenance, and supervise their patients closely, with routine laboratory and electrocardiogram monitoring, to facilitate safe and effective participation in the program.  I particularly valued the broad knowledge and thoughtful strategies of my program advisor/educator, Bill, a Ph.D. psychologist with a great sense of humor and an extensive supply of strategic advice,  all predicated on his familiarity with the current research and his decades of experience in the field.  If you want to lose weight quickly and safely, and keep it off, MD Weight Management is the program for you.  It was for me.
MD Weight Management is truly a life changer. The educational support component of the program is instrumental in making this program so successful. I feel that my life has improved in so many ways; I only wish that I had been introduced to this program thirty years ago.
COVID-19 Response
To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are conducting our weight management program virtually for new and existing patients. Please email us with any questions at hello@mdweightmanagement.com.