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What Makes Us Different?

Decades of Experience: created in 1980, MD Weight Management is the oldest, most-effective weight loss program in the Bay Area. We have helped over 10,000 patients achieve their goals.

Physician Contact: medical monitoring is performed only by board-certified Internists and highly trained Nurse Practitioners, not unqualified “counselors.”

Comprehensive Medication Management: physicians continually adjust and discontinue medications as weight loss progresses.

Expert Staff: highly trained professionals with decades of experience, our group leader have dedicated their entire careers to help patients lose weight; this is not their summer job.

Superior, Published Clinical Results: no other commercial program helps you lose more weight. (See Data).

Supportive, Non-Judgemental Maintenance Program: we are the only program to offer a comprehensive maintenance program which has been shown in multiple studies to be essential for long-term, sustained success.

COVID-19 Response
To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are conducting our weight management program virtually for new and existing patients. Please email us with any questions at