A safe and supportive environment

Program Overview

MD Weight Management provides a supportive and safe environment for significant weight loss. Under the close supervision of our medical directors, we provide education on nutrition and physical activity to help you reclaim your health. Medical monitoring, educational classes, and meal replacements are integral parts of our evidence-based program. We teach the skills and habits necessary to maintain a medically healthy weight.

If you are overweight, you probably know that getting weight off and keeping it off are not the same thing. Through every phase of the program, you will be continuously supported by our community and staff. During the Total Meal Replacement Phase, physicians, nurse practitioners and team leaders will emphasize skills needed to achieve your goal weight. We will help you adjust to your new weight and lifestyle in the Weight Management Skills Phase. MD Weight Management emphasizes not just weight loss, but strategies for long-term success and lifestyle change. Enhanced knowledge of nutrition, fitness, health, and the daily practice of healthy eating will help you achieve your goals.

COVID-19 Response
To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are conducting our weight management program virtually for new and existing patients. Please email us with any questions at hello@mdweightmanagement.com.